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What is the best Eggnog?

After trying a few more than a dozen different eggnogs that are available, the top three are listed below.  And best of all the Horizon Eggnog is low fat and organic.

Horizon Organic Eggnog – best of all it is low fat too.

Fresh Market Jersey Milk Eggnog.

Gustafson Farm Traditional Holiday Egg Nog.


All three are sold in one quart containers.  All three are rich and creamy.  Images of Horizon Eggnog, Fresh Market Eggnog and Gustafson Farm Egg Nog are below so you know what to look for!

Know of one that you think is great that we should try?  List it in the comments below!

What are the best eggnogs?  These three are the tops.


Visit from St. Nicholas/The Night Before Christmas

If you want to see what I think is a really fun Christmas site, A Visit From St. Nicholas aka The Night before Christmas at is one such site.

It has a really large collection of antique versions of The Night Before Christmas. Now, why is that cool? I just find it amazing to see some books 150 years old that are one of a handful (or maybe the only copy) left anywhere in the world and to think about the amount of enjoyment that people have gotten over the years from this poem.

Thinking that others would feel the same way, we’re digitizing as many editions as we can in order to share the Christmas spirit with as many people as possible, so enjoy the scans!