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Apple Pay and apple wallet picks the best Credit card

What will be a killer feature for Apple Pay and Apple Wallet?

Using a database, Apple Wallet will pick the card that gives you the best reward. For example, it will know that your Bank of America Visa will get you 2.625% on every purchase and 5.5% on food and travel. It will know that Discover for the 3rd quarter will get you 5% at gas stations up to $1000. It will know that your Citi Dividend will get you 5% at grocery stores in the 3rd quarter. (All these are just examples).

Whenever you are at a particular location (based on your location as tracked in iPhone etc) it will see that currently the best card to use is the Visa card and when yours Apple Pay it will pick that card.

It might even know that some other card could get you a better deal and give you the option to apply for it.

Then it will manage all the rewards, maximizing your returns on what you would spend anyway,

If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home and leave us in peace. Samuel Adams

If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater  than the animating contest for freedom, go home and leave us in peace.  We seek not your council, nor your arms.  Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and may posterity forget that ye were our country men. Samuel Adams  (1722-1803)

DreamWeaver CS4 sites location from a complete backup

I was looking for the DreamWeaver site information file from a complete backup in order to restore without having to re-add all the files.

If you are on a Macintosh, the location is here: “/Volumes/[your old drive or backup location]/Users/[your old user name]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/9/Sites/Site Prefs”

Or if you wish to copy to the command line: /Volumes/[your old drive or backup location]/Users/[your old user name]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/9/Sites/Site Prefs

[Note the “/Application Support” just means “Application Support” the ” ” just encodes the space so that if you need to copy it to the command line it will work.]

So, hope this helps someone if they can’t find it immediately!

The BlackStreetBoyz have a great act (Alfred and Seymour)

I had the pleasure of seeing a comedy duo on board the Disney Magic in July (they are also on the Wonder and sometimes on NCL (Norwegian Cruise Line), The BlackStreetBoyz – Alfred and Seymour.  On any of these ships, if they are on board, make sure you go to their shows.  If you are looking for some funny comedy with a good message, these two guys are right on target.  Positive, high-energy, and funny too!  So if you are on the You can see a sample of their show below and check out the BlackStreetBoyz website.

They ended their shows with this message:

We love what we do. … The real reason people don’t have what they want in life is because of what you don’t know. See because when you don’t know nothing you don’t get nothing, that’s the bottom line.

So the next time you get ready to blame race, creed, gender or someone else for what you don’t have, what you do is take a couple of steps back and walk to a library which is free and check out as many books as you can on what it is you’re trying to [learn].

Read, read, read, r-e-e-e-d.

You are all on this planet for one reason.  You know what that reason is?  How many people have you helped along the journey before it is time for you to leave this planet, what we call Earth. Because when you’ve understood there’s one race, it’s called the human race, trust me, your life will be just as cool as ours.

The BlackStreetBoyz, July 12 and July 22, 2009

A clip from one of their shows (not these in July 2009), but very similar to what we saw:

The Rising Sun BBS

I’ve been adding some old files from the Rising Sun BBS, that I found on backup disks a few years ago (amazing they were readable ~15-20 years later and that I had a drive that would read them!)

You can browse some of it here, and I’ll be adding more as time goes by, there are a lot of other files in the backups.  I’m also going to try to put some of them in context so people know what is going on:

There are a lot of cool things in there, dealing with online communities in the early 1980s through the early 1990s and then on the internet more than BBSs thereafter.


Something Rick Lambert wrote back in the summer of 1984 which kind of sums up the fun we had.  Ran on an Apple ][+, and an Apple ][ clone from Franklin, a Laser clone briefly (I think) and an Apple //e at various points.

Rick died in 1989 (heart attack) and both Alan and I lost a good friend and all around good guy.  Alan and I still keep in touch by email since we are 1000s of miles apart (instead of 30 minutes), although not nearly as much as we used to when The Rising Sun was up.

T H E  R I S I N G  S U N

—–  ———–  —–

The Rising Sun was born after the three SYSOPs met at

a COF luncheon.  Dedicated to the free exchange of information between users

their motto has become:  The Sysop provides the medium, the users provide the

message.  This System provides a meeting place for modem users regardless of

the computer that they use.  The Sun has 325 members right now and is

continually growing as new people call.

Together, Chris Riley, Rick Lambert, and Alan Lobel make up the

Delegation.  Their BBS was the first local BBS to have such things as the

Welcome message, Boarderline, Breaktyping, Message Search, Stringing command,

Stats, and a Poll — to name a few.  Todd Nochomson of the Billboard ratings

calls it “spectacular,” “unique,” and “The most active BBS in Broward County”

— facts to which the number of messages and calls can attest.  Currently the

Rising Sun has 18 sub-boards, over 180 files, and one can access the BBS at

300 or 1200 baud.

As you can see when you call this Bulletin Board, new features and

files are added often to keep up with the users wishes.  It is the most

automated BBS locally.  The heart of the Automation is A.U.R.A. — a program

that creates the statistics file, backs up files and deletes users who have

not called in sixty days.  This leaves the SYSOPs more time to spend on

keeping the board active, up-to-date, and as one user put it: “keeping it

the best board I’ve seen.”

The Rising Sun Shines!

at [305]-473-6348


2011 Update, here is Rick in 1983 with my parent’s cat:

Rick Lambert, around 1983 with Luke the cat 🙂