The BlackStreetBoyz have a great act (Alfred and Seymour)

I had the pleasure of seeing a comedy duo on board the Disney Magic in July (they are also on the Wonder and sometimes on NCL (Norwegian Cruise Line), The BlackStreetBoyz – Alfred and Seymour.  On any of these ships, if they are on board, make sure you go to their shows.  If you are looking for some funny comedy with a good message, these two guys are right on target.  Positive, high-energy, and funny too!  So if you are on the You can see a sample of their show below and check out the BlackStreetBoyz website.

They ended their shows with this message:

We love what we do. … The real reason people don’t have what they want in life is because of what you don’t know. See because when you don’t know nothing you don’t get nothing, that’s the bottom line.

So the next time you get ready to blame race, creed, gender or someone else for what you don’t have, what you do is take a couple of steps back and walk to a library which is free and check out as many books as you can on what it is you’re trying to [learn].

Read, read, read, r-e-e-e-d.

You are all on this planet for one reason.  You know what that reason is?  How many people have you helped along the journey before it is time for you to leave this planet, what we call Earth. Because when you’ve understood there’s one race, it’s called the human race, trust me, your life will be just as cool as ours.

The BlackStreetBoyz, July 12 and July 22, 2009

A clip from one of their shows (not these in July 2009), but very similar to what we saw:

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