iPhone 3.0 T-Mobile internet settings and T-Mobile mms settings

As with iPhone 2.x settings, the T-Mobile internet settings are in General -> Network -> Cellular Data Network.  For Cellular Data:

APN: wap.voicestream.com

Username or Password are blank.

If wap.voicestream.com does not work, you can try internet2.voicestream.com

The following settings seem to work for MMS messages with T-Mobile USA (I’ve been testing them for more than a week) and they are listed below the Cellular Data settings under MMS:

MMS-APN: wap.voicestream.com
User: empty
Pass: empty

You may have to restart the phone for the MMS settings to take effect.  You will see a little camera icon below the text field in the “Messages” application.

Have any more tips?

Next up, tethering your computer via your iPhone on T-Mobile.  😉

It looks like you can do it with the instructions here for not just T-Mobile USA, but other carriers:


2 thoughts on “iPhone 3.0 T-Mobile internet settings and T-Mobile mms settings”

    1. I haven’t found a solution yet – I can send to others and myself, but not receive from others on the factory unlocked iPhone with the latest firmware on T-Mobile. I may have time to try a complete reset of the phone this afternoon. It used to work nicely until the latest update. I had hoped I had enough time at the end of last week but did not. 😉


      Hi Chris,

      I found your question on http://www.joe-hickman.com/t-mobile-iphone-mms-fix-the-media-content-was

      I have the EXACTLY same problem as you do. T-mobile user – Everything works fine, except people cannot receive photo through my MMS and I can send it to myself. I am using a Factory Unlock phone.

      I still can’t find any solution. Have you found any?


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