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Ralph crocker, pine crest swimming, later auburn

I knew Ralph when he was the distance coach and dorm parent at Pine Crest. He was a nice guy. He, with his wife Margaret, was also one of the dorm parents. They didn’t have Cameron then, but I had heard about his daughters and what had occurred. He always had a joke, a smile, and a laugh for all of us. To me it always seemed as if he had a witty retort on the tip of his tongue, some of which he couldn’t share with high school students, many of which he did. His positive attitude, integrity and dedication are something I will always remember about him.

Trips to Indianapolis for Junior Nationals, always entertaining. Or States. A great guy.

I’ll always remember the New Years Day practice he and Gary Butts had for us 10 x 1000 on 10:30, 11:00, or 12:00 minutes depending on the group. I strongly suspect that they were doing a bit of napping under the hats and dark glasses given it had been New Year’s Eve the night before.

I was very sorry to hear about his passing. He will be missed.